We produce three main types of roller shutters, all of a high quality. The first is a Insulated Roller Shutter; this superior insulated lath can be supplied in loose sections or ready made-up, with or without barrel and motor – the choice is yours. The second is a Commercial Rolling Shutter; our commercial rolling shutters can be supplied with solid, perforated or punched interlocking lath sections. And finally the third and most unique is a Clearview Rolling Shutter; the Clearview is a unique design which provides security whilst providing an open window into your business during closed periods.

The individual lath sections are 95 mm high by 25 mm thick and offer a very competitive alternative to the sectional overhead door with the obvious benefits of both easier maintenance and lower maintenance costs.


Each 95 mm x 25 mm insulated lath is formed from a galvanised steel profile with a dense insulation core of CFC free expanded foam to form an extremely strong and light section. Laths carry a rubber seal and can be supplied as either solid sections or punched and glazed. Guide channel sections, which are supplied with clip-on seals to reduce noise and minimise friction, are available to suit door widths of up-to 9 metres with a maximum area for a single door of 45 square metres, weight per square metre 9.8 kg

Standard Finishes: 

Galvanised steel, RAL 9002 Grey/White, RAL 9006 Silver or RAL 9016 White.

Optional Extras:

Choice of RAL colour range. Coil casings, fascias and motor covers in chosen colour. Punched vision slots with glazed panels. Single phase drive unit.

Full Shutter Assemblies:

Tailor made shutter options are available to meet your site specific needs. These will include for the provision of supporting guide angles, head plates, steel barrel with shaft discs and bearing to suit a three phase hollow shaft motor drive.

For more technical information you can view a PDF by clicking the link below.

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Curtain Construction: Interlocking lath sections formed from 20/22 swg 76 mm galvanised curved steel are secured in position by self-lubricating nylon end locks which are located on alternate laths. A choice of section bottom rails is available to meet most installation requirements

Side Guides and Side Guides Support: The majority of shutters we install use either angle or box section steel supports. The choice is made based on both customer preference and the installation in question. Although we mainly use 65 mm deep guide channels we do install 50 mm or 75 mm if it is more appropriate

Motor Drive Units: All commercial shutters are supplied with in-built 240v tube motors housed within a 102 mmØ 9 swg ERW steel tube. Shutters exceeding 6,000 mm in width require a stronger tube with a greater diameter to reduce any natural deflection which occurs. The motors incorporate an emergency manual override facility for use in the event of a power failure.

Safety Brakes: All shutters which span access routes in the public domain (entrances, exits etc.) are supplied with a safety brake as standard. This is in line with industry recommendations for good working practices.

Controls: Various controls are available from 24 V key switches, rocker switches, remote control units and group controls. A single key switch is included in all installations.

Standard Finish: As standard all visible mild steel parts are prime painted silver. All of the other shutter metalwork is galvanised mild steel.

Optional Extras: Polyester powder coating can be applied in a wide range of RAL/BS colours from stock. Please check the availability of colours prior to placing an order as some colours are subject to a surcharge. Hoods and facias can be supplied in galvanised steel to protect the rear or front of the barrel assemblies. Battery back-up systems, interlocks, photocells and safety edges can also be supplied at competitive rates.

For more technical information you can view the PDF by clicking the link below.

Regional Doors & Shutters have always maintained a policy of continuous product development and technological refinement. Through good design and partnership we are now proud to introduce a rolling shutter door with a difference – The Clearview.

  • The Clearview is a unique design which provides security whilst providing an open window into your business during closed periods. The Clearview can be installed internally or externally and is always electrically operated with a variety of control options available.
  • The curtain offers 70% vision and is made up from 2 mm thick polycarbonate strips which are connected together by a unique aluminium extrusion which provides great rigidity, strength and security.
  • The polycarbonate is treated to protect against harmful UV rays and conforms to Class 0 Fire Rating in accordance with BS476 Part 1 (Surface Spread of Flame).
  • The Clearview runs in extruded aluminium guides which are supplied with cushioning seals on both internal faces to ensure smooth operation and long life of the door.


For more technical information you can view the PDF by clicking the link below.

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