Our highly accreditation Ultimo, fully automated garage doors are one of our most popular ranges, and with good reason. The Ultimo is a fully versatile and high quality range available in a variety of styles and finishes. All Ultimo door curtains are constructed from light weight 77mm x 20mm (including curve), high grade polymer coated, twin wall aluminium sections, which are rolled and injection bonded to form a strong CFC free foam filled interlocking lath profile, held in position by nylon self lubricating end locks secured on every alternate lath. Basically, it’s a great all rounder.

  • 77mm Aluminium Insulated Sections
  • All Parts Fully Finished
  • Fully Automated with Remote Control
  • Emergency Operation System
  • In-built Safety Device
  • Automatically Locked When Closed
  • Two Keyfobs As Standard
  • Fascia Panel
Image of our garage doors thickness.
All Ultimo door profiles are aluminium and coloured throughout and have a CFC hot bonded inner core giving extra strength and rigidity, with an Insulation Value of 1.37 W/M.K eliminating excessive heat loss and noise. Available in many exciting colours including woodgrain finishes in a choice of two profile sizes to suit every application. ultimo-colour-finish-1 And there are even more, here are some of the wood effect finishes available: ultimo-colour-finish-2

All doors come with aluminium head plates, which are fully finished in white or brown as standard. All head plates feature a nylon guide wheel to ensure the door closes perfect every time.


  • ULTIMO remote control unit complete with two hand transmitters incorporating rolling code security, integrated internal switch and a mains lead with a moulded three pin plug.
  • Fully finished fascia panel coloured white or brown to match the guide sections. Optional fully enclosed casing is available to match any door colour.
  • Safety is provided by a pre-wired non contact safety device which stops the door on detecting an obstruction within the beam. Universal mounting brackets are a standard feature giving added protection and ease of adjustment.
  • Tubular motor drive unit giving smooth effortless operations time after time, with integral safety limits and emergency over-ride facility allowing the door to be manually operated.


Ultimo upgrade has In-built Courtesy light, high encryption rolling code security, low voltage control system, self cleaning relays, and internal operating button, with additional external light contacts. Safe Edge safety is also available as an option on the Ultimo range giving safety coverage over the full travel of the closing cycle.


Every one of our high quality ULTIMO range comes with a 2 year manufactured parts guarantee, a 5 year motor warranty and an extended 10 year colour fast guarantee. So we have you covered.


Manufactured parts guarantee excludes batteries and hand held remote control units.
Motor Warranty is subject to a yearly service inspection.

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